YouTube - March 2019 - 40.4K views
Ah, romantic comedies. They can get a bad rep for being cheesy and a little bit predictable, but for many of us, their the movies we turn to when we need a little comfort—or just to feel good.
YouTube - June 2019 - 72.6K views
Sure, love is nice. But when there's no romance to be found IRL, it's time to turn to the silver screen.
YouTube - March 2019 - 84.8K views
Power couples have been around since the dawn of time — Cleopatra and Mark Antony anyone? We've rounded up the best power couple from every year since , whether it's a political dream team like the Obamas , or a short-lived but memorable...
YouTube - June 2019 - 61.1K views
Sign in. Four best girlfriends hatch a plan to stay connected with one another as their lives start off in different directions: they pass around a pair of secondhand jeans that fits each of their bodies perfectly.
YouTube - November 2019 - 49.4K views
It all started with a malfunctioning mechanical shark. After Jaws , summer became something different.
YouTube - October 2019 - 2.1K views
Think of it as our love letter to, well, love. It's hard to believe one can mess up an onscreen romance, when it almost always entails putting two very attractive people in romantic situations. But somehow, Hollywood manages to fuck...
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Summer crushes top ten blockbuster couples
Back in April, the streaming giant also gave us Someone Great starring . In The Last Summer, college-bound friends celebrate their final .. And as the popular saying goes, the couple soon find out that three is definitely a crowd. . Langford plays Tessa Young, a college student who crushes on the bad.Man, time flies. Giving Hugh Jackman his own Wolverine prequel spinoff seemed like such a good idea at the time. And yet, X-Men Origins: Wolverine might go down in history as the absolute worst superhero movie ever. Instead of getting a solo Wolverine movie, we got another ensemble mutant film, and one that just felt like an X-Men knockoff.... Read more